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Achieve Obedience

Training for the pet owner and their companions

Perfect Puppy Planning Package-

Start your little one out right! Our Perfect Puppy Planning Package includes an introduction to training theory, 6 weekly visits with our trainer, as well as daily "homework" for you to complete at home with your puppy. We will listen to your plans and goals for life with your puppy and tailor your package to fit YOUR needs. The Perfect Puppy Planning course can be completed solo or with a friend, in the comfort of your own home. We follow the AKC S.T.A.R puppy plan, and all puppy courses include a free S.T.A.R testing at the end of the course. All perfect puppy students have access to group classes for free!

Cost for solo training: $450 and free travel within our home areas

Group rate for 2 or more puppies: $300 each

Looking for a group puppy class? Check out the group classes section!

Perfect Puppy While You Work-

Too busy to raise a puppy? Feel hopelessly overwhelmed? We can help! This is a combination dog walking/training service. Each session is 60 minutes as often as you would like per week. We come, pick up your puppy or work with your puppy in your home, and do all of the training for you. This also includes one lesson a week with you involved, in order to see what your puppy has learned each week. The cost of this package is variable, dependent upon how many lessons a week you want and where you are located. A standard 4 week Day Training basic obedience package within our driving area consists of 3 visits per week for 4 weeks and is $700.

Basic Obedience and Training 101

Did you just adopt a new dog? Feel like you want to upgrade and improve your relationship with your current companion? Want to take a refresher training course? This is the course for you! This is a 6 week course focusing on basic obedience commands, house manners, training theory, loose leash walking, recall, and impulse control. Training occurs once a week for 1-1.5 hours in your home!

Cost: $450 and free travel within our home areas.

Ask about our shelter pet discounts!

Need a little extra training? We can custom design a basic obedience course for your dog, focusing on the areas where you feel like your dog needs the most work. This course is written for your dog alone and includes some light behavior modification work.  

Cost: $600 for a custom 8 week course and free travel within our home areas.

Looking for a group obedience class? Check out the group classes section!

Behavior Modification-

Is there a problem you wish to solve? Nuisance barking, jumping on strangers, leash pulling, dog reactivity, resource guarding, counter surfing, etc? We are here to help! This course is entirely customizable dependent upon your needs

Cost: Variable depending on length of training recommended- generally $60-150 an hour. Free consultation!

Photo courtesy of our friend Natalie Bridger Watson,

CGC Preparation/Intermediate Obedience-

For someone with a little training under their belt and a dog with a good start in obedience work looking to take the CGC test or begin competing in dog sports, this is the right choice for you. All graduates will be prepared to take the CGC test for their title; testing and travel in our home range is included in the package. Each session is 60-90 minutes long.


Solo 8 week course : $600 (prepaid)

Group class (3 or more dogs): $300 (limited availability- check our group classes page)

CGC test only- $25, check for next open test date

Lucas the rough collie

Odin the standard poodle

Tricks 'N Treats!

Want some cool party tricks? We can do it! this is a fun 4 week course intended to teach your dog a few handy and fun tricks! Tricks are customizable to your preferences from a list of available commands. Ever wanted your dog to bring you a tissue when you sneezed? How about teach your dog to read? Shoot us an email!

Cost: $250 for 4 weeks

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